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The Importance of Keeping a Lid on a Coffee Cup while Changing a Tire

The perils associated with making it to work on time are as unlimited as minutes on Jim’s shiny-new cell-phone plan. One particular morning, Jim decided to hit the snooze button one too many times and did not have time to brew his usual pot of high-caffeine coffee and perform his ritualistic consumption in front of the morning news programming.


“No problem,” Jim tried to subconsciously convince himself, “I’ll just go through the drive through at the closest coffee shop to the office.” As innocent as an idea as is seemed, Jim was in for a startling awakening that far superseded the alertness factor afforded to him by his morning Joe.

So, about 5 miles from the congested rat trap that is downtown Jacksonville on a busy workday morning, Jim spots the local Starbucks that is closest to his place of employment. Since Jim usually brews his own morning pot, the possibilities of the Starbucks menu send him into a virtual trance as he imagines what his choice will be. He eventually goes with the plain Americano, which is a blend of high-powered espresso and water, and was classically served to American soldiers in Italy during World War II who could not stomach drinking the concentrated espresso customarily served in Italy. Jim orders this drink with 3 extra shots of espresso in order to match his normal caffeine intake. When he gets to the window, he is terribly shocked by the $4.00 price of the simple coffee-based beverage, but begrudgingly pays this price, noting in his mind that this is a one-time occurrence.

During his mesmerized period of looking at the expanded drink menu, Jim unknowingly ran over a nail in the parking lot, and after returning to the freeway for the final 2-mile stretch before his exit to his office, the nail decides to exit from its hole, causing an immediate loss of tire pressure that results in Jim suffering a complete tire blowout at about 60 miles per hour. The trusty cupholder in Jim’s center console prevents the overpriced Americano from spilling, as Jim pulls over to the side of the road.

“No problem,” Jim again tries to convince himself, “I’ll just use the floor jack, throw on the spare, and be on my way.” Jim places his coffee on the hood of the car, sans lid, as he gets his aftermarket best racing floor jack out of the trunk, along with his spare tire. His tire is changed in no time.

Jim finishes up, releases the pressure on the jack, and throws the punctured tire and the jack back into the trunk. He then gets to the front door and notices his coffee cup on the ground, tipped over, with coffee running down the hood and side of his car. He thinks of his $4.00 spent on the drink and becomes quite disappointed.

It is at this point that Jim resolves to his own conscious mind that he will never betray his morning ritual pot of coffee and early news programming ever again.

06. February 2016 by Deborah
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