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Love coffee? Love the natural look? Then you must need a substantial coffee table. Coffee table is one of the predominant pieces of furnitures and takes up a lot of valuable estate in your living or family room. Whether your coffee table is a pair of $7 Ikea end tables, or a simple DIY project, its worth time to get any style you like. To make your coffee table special, you can build your own table with wooden crafts from store or even street.

You all know I’m huge fan of pallets for many reasons. They are free and make things amazing. To make this pallet coffee table, I bought the inexpensive wooden crates from a local store. Unlike the Washington D.C. where there is hard to find these crates, our local store offers a wide range of storage. What’s more, it’s really cheap, it only costs $50.

  • First step is cut all wooden crates to same size by using a miter saw, then attach the sides of the table to the legs. It’s really easy!
  • Drill two pocket holes at each end of the 1 x 2. I just drilled pocket holes in the boards with my Kreg Jig.
  • Place all four crates on their sides that their mitered ends are all oriented the same way. To attach them side-by-side. I just laid the table on its side. Once you finished this step, then it was time to build the planked top.
  • Secure the crates together using a drill and a few screws.
  • Next, the best way to attach the top is to set it in place and slowly lift it up.
  • You can also find the castors in the home improved store, to the corners of the bottom panel.

It’s a simple rustic look coffee table. To make it look good. I plan to make it useful than just place things like coffee maker or cups on the surface. I hope you love this coffee table as much as I do! I can recommend this project to everyone who don’t want to spend money on a table.

Another amazing thing I found, your pet will love it. It must smell AMAZING to them!

My last question is: which coffee table look is your favorite?

  • Rustic neutral
  • Color splash
  • Feminine elegance

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02. March 2016 by Deborah
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