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Different Solutions To Portable Water Heater For Coffee

I love coffee and I would hazard a guess that those reading my article probably feel the same way, which is why they are looking for tips on getting an awesome portable water heater for coffee.

Now, finding a portable water heater for my cup of Joe was a task I took seriously. I tried to look for several gadgets or pieces of equipment that could heat my water for me.

It took a lot of time and effort, but eventually I was able to find solutions to my problem.

Let me share with you some of the solutions that I found:

One of the best solutions I found for heating my cup, mug if we are being really technical here, of coffee is an immersion heater. An immersion heater is basically this small device that you dip into the cup of water in order to heat it.

Heating a cup of water with an immersion heater can take several minutes or so, which is a bit slow. That being said, the real beauty of this device is in its small size.

Sometimes I like to go abroad and sometimes the hotels I stay in dies not having anything I can use to heat water. Thanks to the miniscule size of the immersion heater, I never have to worry about going anywhere without something that can give me hot water.

Another good idea is using water heater for the kitchen sink to boil water and heat coffee because it would cost less in electricity than boiling 51oz of water on the stove each morning. A good tankless water heater make it easy to prepare coffee, tea or other hot beverages. There are inexpensive model that will heat up to 190 degrees for our coffee. Read tankless water heater reviews and make sure you have the best gas or electric model for your household.

Tips On Buying An Immersion Heater

There are only really two things that I can suggest for those of you who intend on getting an immersion water heater.

First, make sure that it has an auto volt feature. The immersion heater is great for long trips so using one that works with either 110 volts or 220 volts would be awesome.

Second, read the product feedback. There are plenty of generic looking dual voltage heaters out there and finding the right one can take some time and effort. My advice is to persevere because the effort will eventually pay off.

This is quite the quirky solution to my coffee needs. This product is basically a coffee mug that doubles as a heater that can be plugged into the outlet inside the car. All I have to do is make sure the mug is not empty and place it firmly in my car’s cup holder then plug it in.

The mug is quite convenient and great for those who find themselves always on the go but needing hot water for whatever beverage they might want.

Another portable solution is to use the kettle version of the product that I just described above. Basically, the kettle version is an improvement in the sense that it can carry a lot more water than the single mug. My only real issue with using a kettle is that it is quite big, which is why I only use it as a portable water heater for coffee when I’m using an RV for a camping trip or something.

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