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Coffee at the Apocalypse

I am not referring to the latest trendy coffee shop on the block. Sadly I find myself sitting at my regular spot at my local coffee shop in complete disbelief. Let me start from the beginning.

I start my day with a few exercises, stretches and some time spent upside down hanging by my ankles on my inversion table. Strange I know, but it helps ease my back pain, and somehow I like the upside down perspective it gives me on the world. After my “hang time” I usually stop for a coffee, read the news and take stock of the day before I head off to work.

Today is different. Instead of the regular news, updates and politics, I feel like I am in fact witness to the apocalypse. Ok, I know the news tends to be sensational and mostly negative, but what I see at the moment is ridiculous. I’m no conspiracy theorist or religious fanatic, just a girl staring in disbelief at what is going on in the world around me.

In my little corner of the world, Cape Town, yesterday started with storm winds of over 80km an hour. People were literally being blown away. On the other coast waves of over ten meters were spilling over the roads, washing away any people and debris in its path. On the other side of town riots broke out, and chaos ensued as people suffer from abject poverty and just plain disgusting circumstances. On the other side of the bay, a wildfire broke out, spurred on by the roaring winds leaving devastation in its wake.

I turned on the news only to see thousands more suffering and dying along the “Mother Ganges River” in India. Factories and industries along the river dump their toxic chemical waste into the water source that irrigates over 2500 hectares of crops and provides drinking water to thousands who live next to the river. I’m not just talking about a little pollution, members of every second household are dying from water poisoning or severe tumours.

Monsanto has got the world’s food supply in its grips, and most of us are being forced to eat foods doused with Roundup. Roundup is extremely poisonous and carcinogenic. Corporate greed and political mayhem are sowing devastation and destruction on every corner of the globe. Useless wars continue to rage displacing thousands of families.

And here I am in this ridiculous predicament, drinking my morning coffee watching “Apocalypse Now” rise up around me. Instead of being consumed by the helplessness of the situation, I suggest we recognise the beauty of this opportunity. In the wake of all the destruction let’s make use of the opportunity to create the world we wish to see.

Spend time in silence and send intentions of love and compassion to all those beings who are suffering at the moment. Treat your fellow beings with love and respect, we are all on the same ship here, regardless of your race, religion or creed. Be kind to the earth. We can do better.

18. March 2017 by Deborah
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