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Caffeine has been a homely drug used by many people. Coffee is the best way of getting caffeine into your body. It has been the energy drink in the morning for many people across the globe. Working women especially have coffee as their morning drink. Apart from giving energy boost to you, caffeine has many more advantages which not many coffee lovers know. Here is a sneak peek into the caffeine magic!


It eases the withdrawal symptoms of a person which develop overnight. It is commonly observed in people who drink coffee have tremendous energy after they have their first cup of the day.

Caffeine has a tendency of easing your blood vessels. This increases your blood circulation and also your blood pressure to an extent. The freshness which people experience after drinking coffee is due to this reason.

Your thought process is much faster after a cuppa. There is a relation between your body’s nervous system and caffeine. It stimulates the nerve cells in turn making them move faster in the body. This will help you in thinking clearly.

Blepharospasm is an eye disease which makes people blink their eye uncontrollably. This particular disorder is curbed thanks to caffeine.

There is a very small percentage of studies which have proven that caffeine is very helpful in treating breast cancer.

For all those who are into hardcore muscle building this one is for you. Caffeine helps you relax your muscles after a heavy work out.

Caffeine acts as an anitasthamatic drug. It is good for lings or the bronchial system.

Although there have been many theories about caffeine being a bad influence on your body, researches have proved that this is possible only in case of very high dosage of drugs. That comes up to 80-100 cups of coffee in very short period of time. The average dosage of caffeine is not more than 100-200mg which is very minimal. For this dosage one can observe various benefits like alertness, stimulation of mental activity, wakefulness and high focus.So always remember that caffeine is not bad to your body! So go have your cuppa to do some magic to your body.

01. February 2016 by Deborah
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